At YOMISMA, every decision we make has Women in mind.  That might mean seeking the opinions of Women on what matters in a garment (we heard comfy and pockets loud and clear) or creating new opportunities for economic advancement for Women in vulnerable communities.  

That's why the Month of March, Women's History Month, has great significance to us.  In honor of the countless extraordinary women who have paved the road for us and those who continue to pioneer new policies and opportunities, we pay tribute to you through our stories.  

This month, we are asking you "when is the last time you felt alive?"  And the responses we have received have made us think, have inspired us and have sometimes brought tears to our eyes. 

Thank you for sharing your stories and for supporting one another this month and always.  We encourage you to share your own stories on social media and use the hashtag #alivewithyomisma