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Your authentic Yomisma Embroidered Chiapas Kaftan Dress in one of 50 garments produced.

Each garment is one of a kind and made of eco-friendly materials. See our product pages for more detailed information.

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Creating business strategies that empower Women is within the fabric our company DNA

At Yomisma we aspire to produce artisan collections on a broad level impacting millions of artisan’s lives. The embroidery adorning this garment was created by women in a Tsotsil community located in Chiapas highlands, southern Mexico using a waist loom (or often called a hand loom.) They are famous for their bright and geometric embroideries that come from Mayan heritage. The sophisticated and laborious technique was made on a hand loom which uses no energy and is important to their ancestral heritage. Ancestral designs are often mimicked without credit in fashion. We want to be clear that these embroidery designs are registered by this community (copywritten) and are sacred to their region and rich culture. This design belongs to 'San Andrés Larraínzar". Each sleeve took 9-11 hours to make. Yomisma employed this community of women for 2 months paying fair hourly wages The handmade market is the 2nd biggest livelihood opportunity in low-income countries after Agriculture. There are 2 million artisans living below the poverty level. By purchasing this piece, you are helping to preserve an artform while showcasing this region’s rich cultural identity and supporting women financially. Our long-term goal is to sell these pieces globally in record numbers to ultimately make a tremendous impact on the financial well-being of this community.