Our mission is to create versatile garments that elevate any outfit
while paying fair wages and keeping a low carbon footprint.


To offer support to women while making sustainable business practices commonplace.

We are committed to:
• Offering women clothing that is comfortable, functional and provides a sense of strength.
• Ensuring fair and ethical practices along the supply chain

• Ensuring a carbon footprint that is as small as possible.

How we do this:
• We create high-quality, timeless pieces that are versatile comfortable, machine washable and have functional pockets.
• We use real people as our models and inspire other women by sharing their stories.
•We strive to keep sustainability at the core of our business and focus on building a planet and people-conscious brand. See our sustainability framework for all of the details on our goals and achievements.


We focus on ensuring an inclusive environment, good working conditions, and living wages for our employees and those throughout our supply chain. We respect diversity of thought and ensure that there is fair representation at the table when making big decisions. We are committed to treating our customers with respect and dignity and pride ourselves on offering world-class customer service that makes every customer feel valued.

We respect natural resources and strive to protect the environment. We set measurable goals to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint year after year, with a goal of pursuing a 0% net carbon footprint. While we have many measures in place to support our goals, we believe that circularity is an area that has the most potential to really make an impact. We devote time and resources into research to find ways to make circularity a cornerstone of our company.

Our community is the pulse of our company. The connection and sense of belonging that community provides is paramount to the core of our purpose. From staff to customers, vendors, and contractors, we support each entity and always look for new ways to engage and involve our community

We value the importance of understanding the perspectives and personal stories of others. We believe compassionate empathy has the potential to change lives, entire segments of the community, and the course of history

We believe in honest communication with our staff, customers, and stakeholders. It is important for us to operate in ways that never require us to be anything other than open and honest, in order to ensure ethical business practices and trust.

We believe that without accountability, none of our other values matter, and that when we value our work, we are accountable. We take stock throughout the year to ensure we are living up to our values and our goals for people and the planet to ensure that we are delivering on our mission.